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Hi-fi recording Creative Zen Neeon vs <i>Samsung</i> Yepp

Hi-fi recording Creative Zen Neeon vs Samsung Yepp For an overview support matrix see the Vorbis Native Support Table (the table concentrates on players which are still available in shops). A virtually identical predecessor to the YP-T7, the Samsung YP-6 256 MB. According to the manual, the Yepp records to a maximum of 16.

<i>Samsung</i> YP-T7JZ 1 GB Dital Audio Player

Samsung YP-T7JZ 1 GB Dital Audio Player This page contains detailed descriptions of portable flash players supporting ogg vorbis playback. What's in the Box Samsung YP-T7 dital audio player 1 GB, earbuds, cable/charger, installation CD-ROM, and printed operating instructions.

All <i>Samsung</i> Service <i>Manuals</i> - <i>Samsung</i> -

All Samsung Service Manuals - Samsung - In each description, please say if the device works "out of the box" or you have to install any software to use it properly (if the extra-software is optional, then it doesn't matter). This thread aims to gather as many service manuals for Samsung mp3 players as possible. For people wondering what is a service manual, it is basiy a. YP-T7 2005 KR; YP-T7F 2005; YP-T8 2005; YP-T9 2006; YP-T10. I tried opening the YP-Z5 doc in a window just to have a quick look see.

<i>Samsung</i> YP-T7Z 1 GB Dital Audio Player

Samsung YP-T7Z 1 GB Dital Audio Player The write rate is about 250 Ki Bi/s and the read rate is about 7 Mi Bi/s. Buy Samsung YP-T7Z 1 GB Dital Audio Player MP3 & MP4 Players. WAV files from a variety of sources to the YP-T7's hard drive--no PC required. a USB cable, an installation CD, an in-line encoding cable, a user's manual, and warranty.


PORTABLE DITAL AUDIO PLAYER Basic Model YH-J70 - It supports Ogg Vorbis and FLAC out of the box, but without displaying any tags. Warning1 First read the "Safety Precautions" section of this manual. Please check the home page for upgrades. CBF CABLE-STEREO CORD;YD-11034,YP-60,3P. LABEL SERIAL;YP-T7,ALL,-,-,W20,L5.6,-,-.

TalkPortablePlayers/SamsungYepp - Xiph

TalkPortablePlayers/SamsungYepp - Xiph The Vision 30c is usable as mass storage USB device. I think my manual says the first 8 characters of a filename are considered for. Samsung appears to have model bumped the yp-t7 series with the yp-t7j series.

YP-P3JCB Reset Your Player - <em>samsung</em> product

YP-P3JCB Reset Your Player - samsung product The Archos Vision 30c is a small almost credit-card sized lhtweht portable audio and video player which is also able to record voice, display files and tune into FM radio. YP-K3. X back. YP-T10. X back. YP-T9. Hold down the Menu and A-B record button at the same time until player turns off. YP-T6. X. YP-T7.

PortablePlayers/Flash - Xiph -

PortablePlayers/Flash - Xiph - B&O have co-operated with Samsung to develop the device. iRiver's E100, iFP-3xx, iFP-5xx, iFP-7xx, iFP-8xx, iFP-9xx, iFP-10xx, iFP-11xx, Lplayer, T7, T10, T20, T30. The item descriptions only mention mp3, you have to d into the manual or. The YP-R1 supports Ogg Vorbis out of the box and can be switched freely.

<em>Samsung</em> Yepp iPods & MP3 Players eBay

Samsung Yepp iPods & MP3 Players eBay Samsung Yepp YP-T7X Lht Blue 512 MB Dital Media Player. .00. Comes with both CD software and instruction user manual. Item and all it's.

Full text of Samsung Media Player YP-T8" />

Full text of "Samsung Media Player YP-T8 Read the user manual to prevent problems while using the charger. 4 Upon installation of the USB driver "Samsung YP-T8 USB Device" will appear in. MP3 Player YP-6 Dital Camera Fujifilm Finepix-F610 Samsung YP-T7 Kyocera.


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