Kenwood tu6 tone unit manual

User <em>manual</em> - QRZCQ

User manual - QRZCQ Tone EXL-5000E courtesy of Amateur-Wholesale Electronics, Miami. Operators are standing by ,.,,.■•■■■■ ■ r\ W / t_ QSK for Your Vintage Vfo All rt takes is an hour. KENWOOD CORPORATION. O Should the unit require ser- vice, contact your author- ized dealer. This Instruction Manual covers the following models. TH-41 E 430/.440 MHz FM transceiver with 1750 Hz tone. 11 Antenna conversion plug twist lock to BNC. AJ-3. 12 Tone unit. TU-6. 7.

<strong>Kenwood</strong> - TH-21 user <strong>manual</strong> reduced

Kenwood - TH-21 user manual reduced Phone: 6Q^924'9a7i Advertising Offices: Elm street Peterborough NH Q3A&8, pnone- 003-924-7136. Peterborough NH 03468 pnone 603-924 fl-471 Manuscripts- Gorriributtons m the lorrn ot manusenpti wrfh drawings and/or ptafogfophs am welcome and will be eonsjde*ed for possible publication We can assume no resoonsto JHy lor loss cm aomogs ra any matenai Please enclose a stamped, letf-addressed envelope with each submission Povmeni tor me use of any unsolicited matonoi wil be made upon acceptonce Al cbrtiribufeons shaufci be averted to me 7 3 e deonoi oftoes- "Ho* to Write to* 7T gutiemes are o^ariabte upon request US otoem must nctede [email protected] scoot security rxffnoer wt* iijiiib Hi I monusenpri Subscription I nfof motion: Ra«w n tw untied Slates and Ponvman* One Year [12 mu«] S24 97; Two Veen (24 ts&jesj 535 00, Threw Yean 13* sues] 00 ESsewfwe- Canada and Meuoo— 97/1 year tarty. US tends, drown on US ban* Foren o Jr mal— please nquve To subscrtoe. BNC. AJ-3. ® Tone unit. DIVISION OF TRIO-KENWOOD ELECTRONICS, GmbH. Tone switch. 0 Activates the optional TU-6 TH-21A/AT.

<i>Kenwood</i> <i>Manuals</i> - Branch 05

Kenwood Manuals - Branch 05 .95 each for Radio Amateurs On the Cover: Model 15 courtesy of Alan Brown Sr, W1VTP. Then dust off that soldering iron— K9EUI's no- nonsense terminal unit gives store-bought performance at a build-it-vourself nriro If OF 1 11 Secrete of Telehamniing When the bands are dead, try trading your transmitter for a telephone. SC-8/8T, SMC-30, TU-6 Accessories. Kenwood TR-7950/TR-7930 & TU-79 Service Manual –2M FM Transceiver. Scientific Radio Systems SR-800 & SR-811 Voice privacy unit operation. Tait Type 217/1 Tone encoder circuit diagram


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