Kenwood tu6 tone unit manual

Kenwood TH-21 service manual - Tone EXL-5000E courtesy of Amateur-Wholesale Electronics, Miami. Operators are standing by ,.,,.■•■■■■ ■ r\ W / t_ QSK for Your Vintage Vfo All rt takes is an hour. O4 2SC2714Y and is applied to IF unit O1 MC3359P. Rating. 1 6.3MHz fo + 7.5k. 3 The optional tone encoder TU-6 may be installed in. A/AT versions.

Tone Encoder Consumer Electronics eBay Phone: 6Q^924'9a7i Advertising Offices: Elm street Peterborough NH Q3A&8, pnone- 003-924-7136. Peterborough NH 03468 pnone 603-924 fl-471 Manuscripts- Gorriributtons m the lorrn ot manusenpti wrfh drawings and/or ptafogfophs am welcome and will be eonsjde*ed for possible publication We can assume no resoonsto JHy lor loss cm aomogs ra any matenai Please enclose a stamped, letf-addressed envelope with each submission Povmeni tor me use of any unsolicited matonoi wil be made upon acceptonce Al cbrtiribufeons shaufci be averted to me 7 3 e deonoi oftoes- "Ho* to Write to* 7T gutiemes are o^ariabte upon request US otoem must nctede [email protected] scoot security rxffnoer wt* iijiiib Hi I monusenpri Subscription I nfof motion: Ra«w n tw untied Slates and Ponvman* One Year [12 mu«] S24 97; Two Veen (24 ts&jesj 535 00, Threw Yean 13* sues] 00 ESsewfwe- Canada and Meuoo— 97/1 year tarty. US tends, drown on US ban* Foren o Jr mal— please nquve To subscrtoe. Find great deals on eBay for Tone Encoder in Ham Radios and Amateur Radios. Shop with confidence. PIEXX TU-79 Tone Encoder for Kenwood TR-7950/TR-7930. .90. Product manual available from Midian website. Information from.

Kenwood Manuals - Branch 05 .95 each for Radio Amateurs On the Cover: Model 15 courtesy of Alan Brown Sr, W1VTP. Then dust off that soldering iron— K9EUI's no- nonsense terminal unit gives store-bought performance at a build-it-vourself nriro If OF 1 11 Secrete of Telehamniing When the bands are dead, try trading your transmitter for a telephone. SC-8/8T, SMC-30, TU-6 Accessories. Kenwood TR-7950/TR-7930 & TU-79 Service Manual –2M FM Transceiver. Scientific Radio Systems SR-800 & SR-811 Voice privacy unit operation. Tait Type 217/1 Tone encoder circuit diagram

Kenwood TH 21AT Product Reviews - eHam Issue #297 OUR 25th ANNIVERSARY YEAR for June 1985 ,50 USA *50 Canada A CWC/P Publication The New RTTY! U urs International Edition l\ The Nicest Things Come In Small Packa *v w r* "% * The SS-32HB is a new hybrid sub-audible encoder plucked from Communications Special- ists' Hothouse. Kenwood TH 21AT product reviews by real people like you. another 2 meter unit and the 440 unit was with drop in charger, DC-DC converter, manuals

DDX771 DDX491HD DDX471HD DDX371 DDX310BT. - Renew or change an address Write to Subscnpfran Deporrmenr PO Box 934. Ontario CANADA L2A 5N9 fteftjn postage guaranteed For renewals and cnanges ot address, include mo address label from your most recent mum at 73. Take the time to read through this instruction manual. Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces. Displays the Tone screen.

March 1987.pdf ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ KA3GCQ Editor taf Offices: Pine street, Peterborough Njh 03455. Able without DTMF and PL tones. Complele service manuals are a~ailabje for all Trio -Kenwood. TU-6 sub-tone unit TH-21AT/A only.

Kenwood - TH-21 user manual reduced It has grown through a cross of the time tested SS-32, the subminiature SS-32M an/1 cna^d qivji mi^p/\ AStwiitim Tl%^ «.•_ . 7 QRX 56 Barter 'N' Buy ■ 57 Special Events 61 Satellite* 62 Fun! 83, 87 Hani Help 65 New Products 66 Review 69 Be My Guest 70 RTTY Loop 70 DX— 9N1MIW 80 Contests 86 Letten 88 73 International 93 List of Advertisers 94 Dealer Directory 94 Propagation JUNE 1985 14 24 26 28 32 34 36 40 42 44 46 50 54 Tune In the TU-1000 Has your RTTY budget hit bottom? BNC. AJ-3. ® Tone unit. DIVISION OF TRIO-KENWOOD ELECTRONICS, GmbH. Tone switch. 0 Activates the optional TU-6 TH-21A/AT.

User manual - QRZCQ KENWOOD CORPORATION. O Should the unit require ser- vice, contact your author- ized dealer. This Instruction Manual covers the following models. TH-41 E 430/.440 MHz FM transceiver with 1750 Hz tone. 11 Antenna conversion plug twist lock to BNC. AJ-3. 12 Tone unit. TU-6. 7.


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